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Digital & Print Marketing for Small Business 
We do all the marketing.
The only thing you do is
take care of new customers.
Nine of ten shoppers start shopping on their tablets
or mobile phones before they step into a store.

Eight out of ten shoppers use their mobile phones
more than any other device.

Seven of those eight are looking to buy the same day within five miles of their location.

It's a smart and affordable marketing decision to get your small business online.

Google, Yahoo and Bing business listings include your location, phone, website, maps, directions and customer reviews.

Select six (6) cities by zip code where you would like to be found on Google, Yahoo and Bing.   The cities can be local or across the country. We select keywords and phrases people use to describe your products or services.  Your business appears in the organic search section of the results page.  Customers click on your business and it links them to your Find Me landing page.  The landing page can also be linked to your website at your request. It's that simple! 

There is a technical set-up process that we conduct and it requires a "submission" to Google, Yahoo and Bing. This entire process takes about six to eight weeks for your business to show start showing up on Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Your three month launch time period begins when you start to show up on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The initial launch includes the set up and first three months of your subscription. There is a $250 set up fee plus $149 per month for the three month initial launch or $697 total. Thereafter you have several choices to continue month-to-month with no contract or discounted options for six months or 12 months pre-paid subscription plans. 
Please see the plan option section below FAQs on this page. 

We accept all major credit and debit cards via PayPal - an easy and secure payment system. 

What if you want to buy Find Me now but can't pay for it today? 
No problem! On your good credit, with PayPal Bill Credit (formerly known as Bill Me Later) you can buy today and have up to six months to pay without interest or other fees. 

Find Me by
What is it and other frequently asked questions.

Find Me is an affordable internet marketing solution for small business.
It uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology so prospective customers in your area "find you" when they look on Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines for your products or services by typing key words such as oil change or pizza delivery. Without it they would need to know your business name to find you.  There is no limit of searches or clicks. 
More frequently asked questions.
Please explain what you mean by "my subscription begins at launch."
There is an initial set-up time and submission to the search engines that will take between six to eight weeks before your business starts showing up on Google, Yahoo or Bing.  We will monitor this activity and let you know when you start showing up.

Your subscription begins when you start to show up on search engines.  For example, say you order and pay your initial launch on June 15th. Your results start showing up about August 15th.  We will set your launch period starting the 1st of the following month so it would run from September 1 through November 30.  This time frame will allow you time to experience results.

Can I add more cites to my plan?
Yes.  Once you have experienced the initial launch and are pleased with your results, we can add additional cities by zip code in bundles of six.  Please see the pricing tab for details.

Do you promise a certain number of search results?
No, we do not promise a certain number of searches or traffic as there are many variables such as demand of your product or service in your target area, if yours is a seasonal product/service and other factors.  We do monitor traffic visiting your landing page and make updates to help increase traffic over time.  SEO is a form of marketing and requires consistency.  The longer you stay with the program the better results come over time.

What can I do to help my results improve?
You can do six things - most are about your customer contact experience:

First, answer your phone within three to five rings. A Google / Nielson study in 2013 has shown that when people are looking for what they want or need online - they buy most often within the same day and within five miles of where they live or work. They are in the buying "mode" and you need to be there to respond when they call. Buyer behavior is such that after three to five rings they hang up and call the next business.

Second, make unique monthly offers that will entice them to call.  This offer must be unique to your landing page so the customer feels that it was only available online.  Have them mention the offer they saw online so you know they found you on Google, Yahoo or Bing.  Your offer can differ month-to-month such as "free delivery with X miles" or "buy one and get the second for half-price."  You are in the best position to know what will attract your customers to call you or walk into your business.  

Third, send new customers a thank you card in the mail or give them a gift card to use on their next purchase.

Fourth, always know what your monthly offer is so you are ready when they mention it.  If it is merchandise and you run out, offer a rain-check or an alternative.

Fifth, always ask new customers how they "found" your business.  When they say the internet you know it is working.

Sixth, we will send you a monthly traffic report of your landing page activity to help you measure the progress of your marketing subscription.

Will my business make it to page one of Google, Yahoo or Bing searches?
Yes, however, this is not instant.  As people look for your products or services with key words that describe what they want and it matches your set of keywords your business will appear on page one .  None of this is over-night and there is no company that can make such a promise because the program optimization and algorithms are constantly changing so there is no "insider track to beating the system."  Every search engine requires a manual submission after the set-up is completed and it gets in line as thousands of submission are received every day by search engine

How soon will my business appear on page one of search results?
The average time to show up on Google, Yahoo or Bing is about six to eight weeks from the time of your paid order.  You show up  on page one when people in the cities your selected by zip code type in key words that we set into your program.   Together, we will discuss and use the best key word options and phrases to give you the best results for your business / industry.

Are you affiliated with Google, Yahoo or Bing?
No.  We are an independent service provider for the small business community with a very strong understanding of the requirements for effective Search Engine Optimization.  

How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) differ from Pay Per Click (PPC)?
SEO is the technology we employ to help our small business clients "naturally" show up on a search known as SEO or organic.  The search results are those immediately under the paid advertisements (PPC) that are first to appear.  PPC ads average about two to three listings and then there is an average of ten organic or SEO lists on the page.

Find Me
Plan Features
Custom Landing Page*

Be Found In Six U.S. Cites
of Your Choice by Zip Code

Landing Page Offer (1)
Updated Monthly

Monthly Traffic Report

Live Week Day
Customer Support
Mon - Fri | 9am - 3pm PST

*Landing Page includes:
- custom domain name
- link to your main website
  upon request
- business images
- business contact info
- map & directions
- business hours
- monthly offer (1)
  updated monthly
- e-mail reply form

Plan Options & Pricing 
Three Ways to Start!
Option One: Three Month Plan ($250 set up fee)
Pre-Pay 3 Months 
Set-Up, Launch and Maintenance 
$149 / mo X 3 mos = $447 + $250 Set Up Fee

Option Two: Six Month Plan ($250 set up fee)
Pre-Pay 6 Months 
Includes Set-up, Launch and Maintenance
$129 / mo x 6 mos = $774 + $250 Set Up Fee

Option Three: Twelve Month Plan (No Set Up Fee)
Pre-Pay 12 Months
Includes Set-up, Launch and Maintenance
$99 / mo x 12 mos = $1,188 and  No Set Up Fee

​Landing Page Offer: Your "coupon" offer is updated monthly at your discretion.  We recommend to make a promotional offer to encourage landing page visitors to pick up the phone and call you or to walk into your business establishment.  The offer should differ each month and can be associated with seasonal themes 
such as the holidays or local events.
Do you want to be found in more than six cities?  

You have the option of adding more cities to your Find Me Plan.  Additional cities are added in bundles of six.  Please see the plan rate pricing above.  Services currently available in the U.S.
Find Me Plan by
Give Promo Code at time of
order for extra special offer!
Find Me Plan and Pricing by
Be Found on Google, Yahoo and Bing when they look for your business.
Grow your business sure and steady with local customers.
Do I need an actual store front location?
No. There are many small business operators who work from home. While we do need a physical street address, the address can be hidden from public view.
What is your refund policy?
We do not offer refunds. The set-up work is conducted manually as there is no existing software that will automatically create optimized search results. The work requires specific skill and knowledge of of the SEO specialist and takes time and effort. This work is paid for and not a refundable option.

Our goal is that in the first three months after your launch that you will experience an increase of new customers who respond to the landing page offer and call you directly. It is at that point that the prospect becomes a lead for your business and it is in your hands to convert the lead into a paying customer.
Let us know how we can help your home based or small business through digital marketing.
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Our business hours are Monday through Friday
from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m, Pacific Standard Time (PST).

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